Our Story

Dear Nicole boutique founded in September 2020 by Nicole, a fashion accessories lover.

Dear Nicole Boutique provides modern, unique fashion accessories for trendy, cool women to show their unique personality. More important, we package this fashion accessories with a cool, thoughtful, trendy way as gift for you and your loved woman. Then you can impress her.

Shopping online can be disappointing sometime. The pictures look beautiful but the actual gift isn’t quite as good of quality as it should be. This disappointment doesn’t happen to you at Dear Nicole Boutique because I only select the high-quality piece for you. And I have an expensive tasty:>

My goal is that the product you purchase will exceed the quality you expect. You and your girl will love every piece of accessories here.

Welcome to Dear Nicole Boutique.


About handmade earrings


This new handmade earring line is an original design brand founded by artists who loves earrings. They want to make creative, unique and outstanding earring for earring lovers who wants to stand out from the crowd. They design it and handmade most of it.


Do you know what materials are they using? It is concrete! Yes. The concrete you use to build a home. A lot of people ask them why they choose concrete. They think home is a place warm people’ heart. The earrings made of concrete can bring you happiness and warm your heart, too! 


About Nicole


Hello, my name is Nicole. I’m the founder of Dear Nicole Boutique. I’m delighted you found my store.

I always believe unique fashion accessories can make your look pop-up and bring you more confidence.

I am a digital marketing specialist runs my own digital marketing agency. A lot of time, I need to socialize with other business owners at big events. As an introverted person, I always feel panic and struggle of start a conversation with strangers. Until I find a secret, wear a unique, cool fashion accessory. A lot of people will start a conversation and ask about my earrings, my bag charms. It makes my social life much easy. I kept looking for unique, modern accessories for myself all over the world and share these tips and accessories with people who have same issue with me. One day, I just had this idea, why not share all these unique fashion accessories collections with girls who wants be different?

So, I opened this online store to provide you with unique, cool accessories you can’t find on local market. All products listed on this store are picked one by one by me from different designers and artist. A lot of them have super cool stories behind the design.

Hope you like my taste:)